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by | Nov 13, 2021 | Art Marketing


Learn how to market your art using my three favourite resources.  The internet has many sources of advice and I have listed below the three that I have found most useful.  Experts, with a proven track record, will show you how to market your art.

Barney Davey – “Art Marketing Toolkit Project”

Barney Davey is very knowledgeable about marketing art.  He has written six books on the subject, created an online Art Marketing course, maintains the Art Marketing News website, and currently tutoring through his Facebook Group ‘Art Marketing Toolkit Project‘.  Primarily focusing on marketing 2D art, the subject matter is also applicable to marketing 3D forms of art and craft.

I asked Barney which of the many articles he has written would be a good starting point for our readers to learn about Art Marketing.  He suggested his blog post ‘Art Marketing: The Ultimate Guide for Visual Artists‘.  I have read this excellent document. It’ll guide you through the various aspects of marketing that you’ll need to consider, starting with establishing the correct mindset, through to the technical advice.

I know Barney as I’m a member of the Art Marketing Toolkit Project Facebook Group. The group provides a live interactive session once a week, on a subject that Barney has chosen.  The sessions are recorded and can be viewed later.  Further details can be found in the Art Marketing News website.


Skillshare have many short online courses covering a vast range of subjects, in arts, crafts, business, and many others.  I enjoy watching tutorials via the Skillshare website and have learnt many new skills from this facility. All courses are pre-recorded.

If you use the link below and type ‘Marketing’ in the search bar, then you’ll see a list of over 3,800 entries.  These cover different aspects of marketing, including content, email, social media, video, etc.   The Search Bar will also list all course categories for whatever subject you want to learn.

Typically, each course has a duration of 30 mins to 2 hours and comprises modules of a few minutes in length.  The tutors get straight to the point.  Information is presented concisely and accurately.  If you prefer speed learning, then this is a good option for you.

Skillshare is a paid membership community, so once you have paid your membership fee, you can view as many courses as you like.  It’s a good idea to watch a range of different courses on a subject.  Each has something to offer, such as an idea or technique new to you.

Skillshare offer a FREE one month trial of their Premium paid-for courses.   This means you can view as many of their 30,000 online courses as you wish, for FREE, within one month.   This offer is available through existing member’s referral links, such as mine below.


CreativeLive produce high quality, professionally presented online courses for creative artists and craft makers.  Each course is recorded with a live interactive audience (hence the brand name). A course may last up to 6 hours (or more), as it comprises a full day’s filming.  Their course catalog is extensive, covering many creative areas in art, craft, music, photography, business, marketing and lifestyle.   Each course will take you from the initial concepts, through to completion, where you’ll have sufficient knowledge to implement the advice within your own projects.

As a FREE member, selected videos can be viewed ‘On Air’ during CreativeLive’s own 24/7 schedule.  Each course may last 6 hours and then repeated during the current 24 hours.  CreativeLive’s free ‘On Air’ schedule can be found at https://www.creativelive.com/onair/

Courses can be purchased and viewed at anytime from your CreativeLive account via their streaming service.  You also can  download each purchased course for viewing offline, in either SD (Standard Definition) or HD (High Definition) formats.

I have been a member for several years and have purchased many of the courses.

CreativeLive are currently offering a discount for new customers who purchase a course.   Their offer is …. “Refer your friends to CreativeLive and you’ll both get $15 off your next class”.

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