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Peter Young is an Oil Painter from Norfolk, UK

Daily Paintings For Sale Via Online Auctions

Oil Painting - Clementine and Pot

Daily Painting For Sale

Small oil paintings will be auctioned in the near future.

For example, the oil painting ‘Bowl and Clementine’ may be one available for sale via an online auction.

Original Oil Painting 6 x 6 inches.

Painted on Gesso board (3mm thick).

Three small paintings by Peter Young Fine Art

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy original oil paintings from Peter Young?

Who is the artist Peter Young?

Peter Young (British, born 1963, England), is an artist from Norfolk, UK.   He paints Still Life and landscapes, using traditional, indirect glazing, oil painting techniques.

Peter Young is a self-employed artist, trading under his brand name of ‘Peter Young Fine Art’, and website .

For further details, please refer to Peter’s About webpage, at .

What is artist's oil paint?

Oil paint is made from a dry pigment powder mixed with a drying oil. The pigment is derived from either organic plant material, ground up minerals, metal oxides, or synthetically manufactured compounds. Often Linseed oil is used, however, Safflower oil is used for very light toned pigments such as White. This is because Linseed oil has a tendency to turn slightly yellow after a long period of time. Some manufacturers of tube oil paints may include their own recipe of additives to the pigment and oil combination, such as, whiting (powdered chalk) as a cheap filler to bulk out the paint, extenders and wax. The quality and properties of the paint can vary from one manufacturer to another.

The oil paint can be diluted by adding a little more oil, or a solvent such as Turpentine or Odourless Mineral Spirits (OMS). The rheology of the paint (i.e. its mechanical properties) are often altered by the artist by using a medium that is added to the oil paint. This can change the stiffness, opacity, drying time and final luster of the paint. There are many recipes for painting mediums, which may include any of the following; oil, solvent, resin, whiting (powdered chalk), marble dust, wax, or a drying agent known as a siccative.