Disclosure Policy

Affiliate Schemes

This website uses established affiliate schemes with branded suppliers to earn a small referral commission for referrals that originate from the Peter Young Fine Art website.  If you click a link then I may earn a small referral commission from the affiliate scheme providers for qualifying referrals. Clicking an affiliate link does not cost you any extra. These earnings will pay for the costs of running the website (hosting fees, software licenses), maintaining the website, marketing the website, and my time creating the blog posts.

eBay Data Feed

The Peter Young Fine Art website uses a data feed from eBay via the eBay API (Application Programming Interface).  The data only contains a listing of the active product items within the Peter Young Fine Art eBay account.  This website only reads the product data via the eBay API, and there are NO updates or amendments to the data on the eBay website.  The data received via the eBay API is transient and only lasts for the duration in which the webpage is displayed.  The data is not stored.  No eBay customer data is retrieved via the eBay API.   The name ‘eBay’ refers to ‘eBay Incorporated’.